Romantic is about shared memories.

With her infectious smile and love for adventure, Clara knows exactly how she setup a perfect date athmosphere. In an exclusive interview, Clara unveils her top 3 dating activities that are sure to sweep anyone off their feet.

Romantic Dinner in the Heart of Nature

„When I think about a romantic dinner,“ Clara begins, her eyes sparkling, „I imagine a serene spot in nature. Whether it’s by the beach with waves softly crashing, or in a secluded forest clearing lit only by fairy lights, there’s something incredibly intimate about dining amidst nature.“

Her top suggestion for such a date? „Pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods, a cozy blanket, and maybe even some soft music. It’s simplicity, but combined with the magic of nature, it creates an unforgettable experience.“

A Day at the Fair

„Yearning for a bit of nostalgia and fun?“ Clara chuckles. „There’s no better place than a fair or a carnival. It’s a perfect combination of childlike joy and romantic potential. From sharing cotton candy, trying out various rides, to winning each other stuffed toys, it’s just pure, unadulterated fun.“

She adds with a playful wink, „And don’t forget the Ferris wheel. Those few minutes at the top, overlooking the world below, is the perfect moment for a sweet kiss or a heartfelt conversation.“


Clara’s face lights up at the mention of wine. „Wine tasting is not just about sampling different wines, but it’s also about the experience that accompanies it. The ambiance of vineyards, the art of understanding the flavors, and of course, the joy of discovering a new favorite together. I personally do not drink alcohol. But there are a lot of alcohol-free winetastings as well!“

She leans in, her voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper, „Here’s a tip: Always end the tasting with a glass of your favorite wine from the day. It leaves you with a beautiful shared memory to cherish.“

As our interview wraps up, it’s clear that for Clara, dating isn’t just about the activity, but about creating shared memories, understanding each other, and most importantly, the joy of being in the moment. Whether it’s dining amidst nature, enjoying the carnival lights, or sipping wine under a setting sun, it’s all about connection.