From Maxim’s spotlight to Auto-babes cover star, Gina shines with grace and grit.

Gina Stewart, a name now synonymous with eternal elegance, skyrocketed to fame as a Maxim Australia finalist in 2018. Her journey, however, is more than just about conquering lists and covers, including the revered Maxim Hot 100. It’s a tale of beauty interwoven with purpose, as she graces the cover of Auto-babes magazine’s 104/2023 edition, continuing to enchant the world.

„Gina Stewart is not just a model; she’s a force of glamour, compassion, and empowerment.“

Gina Stewart

Gina’s entry into the Maxim competition was a selfless act, driven by the desire to help a friend in need. This demonstration of her compassionate spirit, coupled with her age-defying allure, not only won hearts but also headlines worldwide. She’s a woman who’s navigated the modeling world with both determination and grace, leaving an indelible mark on every project she embraces.

Yet, Gina Stewart is more than a cover model. Her recent work, including a captivating exploration into the world of latex fashion, showcases a tantalizing mix of style and sensuality. With over half a million followers, Gina isn’t just capturing attention; she’s shaping a legacy of empowerment, proving that true allure is a blend of beauty, heart, and unwavering spirit.