The Indy500 is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and prestigious motorsport events in the world. Every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world who eagerly follow the thrilling races.

With a long tradition dating back to 1911, the Indy500 has established itself as a symbol of speed, innovation and racing enthusiasm. The Indianapolis 500 is not only a test for the drivers and their machines, but also an experience for the senses – the roar of the engines, the smell of rubber and gasoline, and the constant tension in the air. The models Bella, Julia and Emilia provided additional highlights with a small but nice shoot.

A touch of glamour: Bella, Julia and Emilia at Indy500

Amid the adrenaline and roar of engines, AHMV models Bella, Julia and Emilia provided an elegant contrast. Their shoot took place at various iconic locations around the race track.

Bella, with her bright smile and confident aura, turned heads as she posed in a stylish racing outfit against the impressive backdrop of the pit lane. Their natural elegance gave the images a special touch and showed how fashion and motorsport can merge harmoniously.

Julia brought a certain sophistication to the game with her graceful presence and professional demeanor. Their photos, which show them in fashionable jumpsuits next to the racing cars, are a real eye-catcher and underline the diversity of the Indy500 event. Julia managed to combine the tension and excitement of the race with a touch of glamor and class.

Emilia brought with her a fresh and vibrant energy. Her natural talent in front of the camera and vibrant personality were reflected in the dynamic shots. Emilia showed that she has mastered both the lightheartedness and the seriousness of modeling life perfectly.

A successful appearance by the AHMV models

The shooting of the AHMV models at Indy500 was a complete success and showed once again how versatile and changeable the world of motorsport can be. Bella, Julia and Emilia brought not only their beauty and talent, but also a fresh perspective that enriched the event.

We congratulate the winner and are happy to have taken part in this extraordinary event despite the slight delay due to weather. Next year we’ll be there again.