Virtual sensation Joo-Si launches her UK tour and drops her debut single, „Dream Girl.“

At just 18, Joo-Si is already making waves far beyond her digital domain. Half-Korean, half-American, she’s not just another virtual influencer; she’s a groundbreaking artist ready to conquer the UK with her first live tour and a debut single that’s pure fire. „Dream Girl,“ a lo-fi K-pop masterpiece, promises to be the anthem for a new era of digital divas.

„Every beat of ‚Dream Girl‘ is a piece of my heart, a melody for those who dare to dream,“ Joo-Si shares. Her excitement is palpable, a buzzing energy that promises an unforgettable tour. As the first of its kind, her journey from virtual to live performance marks a pivotal moment in music and digital influence, blending cultures, sounds, and realities.

„Every beat of ‚Dream Girl‘ is a piece of my heart…“


From her inception, Joo-Si was destined to blur lines, combining her unique heritage with the boundless possibilities of digital artistry. Her UK tour is not just a series of performances but a landmark event for virtual and live music fusion. With „Dream Girl“ leading the charge, Joo-Si is not just performing; she’s inviting us into a new world where music, technology, and passion collide. Don’t miss out on witnessing history in the making.